The 24 E's of the Best Athletes

The 24 E’s of the Best Athletes

They bring ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM to every workout, practice, and game.

They give a tremendous EFFORT every time they take the field.

No matter how accomplished they are, they never feel ENTITLED. They work hard to EARN their success every day.

They work with EFFICIENCY. They know that everything they do matters. They don’t waste time or energy.

They are EAGER to work, because they truly ENJOY the game. They arrive to workouts, practices, and games EARLY.

They hold themselves to a very high standard and always push to EXCEED their own high EXPECTATIONS.

They remain poised in the heat of competition (they are never ERRATIC). They are extremely EFFECTIVE under pressure.

They EVALUATE themselves daily. They are EDUCATED students of the game.

They perform with precision. They EXECUTE every play as well as they can.

They don’t expect things to be EASY. They EMBRACE challenges and constantly push themselves out of their comfort zone. They always go to the EXTRA mile.

They show their EMOTION (passion) and ENGAGE and inspire those around them.

They set standards for themselves and for their team and they ENFORCE those standards daily.

They eat well, stay hydrated, get ample rest, train appropriately, and watch film so that they are EQUIPPED to perform with EXCELLENCE.