The Trojan Standards

The Trojan Standards


•    Realize you still have a lot to learn.
•    Recognize you can learn from anyone.
•    Be part of something bigger than yourself.
•    Team achievements should be placed ahead of personal achievements.
•    Show empathy towards others.
•    Put others’ needs ahead of your own.

Everyone leaves a legacy; what will your legacy be?


•    Listen to what others expect.
•    Listen to what others need.
•    Listen to the correct people.
•    Listen to develop trust with others.
•    Be quick to listen and slow to speak.
•    What you say should have value & purpose.

Are you listening to what others have to teach you?


•    Make the right decisions for the right reasons.
•    Contribute positively anyway you can.
•    Make those around you better.
•    Take initiative – look for what needs to be done & do it.
•    Build up others.
•    Help others to reach their goals.

Are others better off because you are here?


•    Work hard to determine level of success.
•    Work hard academically.
•    Work hard athletically.
•    Work hard at your relationships.
•    Work hard when no one is looking.
•    Recognize the greatest out work everyone.

Do others respect the work you do on & off the field?